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✅ We cordially invite you to participate in the 1st International Circuit PHOTO TRIGGER 2023:

Georgia, Cyprus, Morocco (new FIAP country)
✅ Full patronages of FIAP/PSA/GPU/APG/IIG.
✅ 9 professional judges from 8 countries.
✅ 4 Sections: Open Color, Open Monochrome, Photo Travel, Nature
Group discounts welcome!
✅ 411 high-quality awards.
✅ PDF acceptance certificates and Diplomas.
✅ CLOSING: 10 December 2023




We always send all medals & other awards on time however sometimes post can lose your awards. In this case please email us and we will send you a new award. We try to make everything on time. This is our main priority. We have not announced results later than on the day of notification. But we try to make it as earlier as possible. We try to answer all emails as quick as possible. Usually during 1 working day. Sometimes we need some time to process your request. Our time zone is GMT+4